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The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Selects GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench and GenomAnalytics for Molecular Pathology Lab Expansion

September 29, 2020

CLEVELAND, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GenomOncology announced today that The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has selected GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench and GenomAnalytics to help scale their molecular pathology lab's test volume and analysis.


The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) recently hired Alexander "Craig" Mackinnon, Jr., MD, PhD, as their new Director of the Division of Genomics Diagnostics and Bioinformatics to expand their molecular pathology lab. Mackinnon intends to expand testing within the lab, as well as reduce the turnaround time from NGS sample to report by over 80%. Dr. Mackinnon's strategy is to impact patient care by dramatically improving the analytical capabilities of the lab.

GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench will help UAB scale their test volume due to the simplified workflow for variant analysis and comprehensive support for panels. In addition, the streamlined workflow will allow pathologists to return final reports to oncologists with reduced turnaround time. UAB is also using GenomAnalytics' cohort analysis capabilities to combine genomic and molecular data into one, comprehensive view. UAB will leverage the data visualization capabilities of GenomAnalytics for treatment and outcome analysis.


"The collaboration with the GenomOncology team and the overall flexibility of GenomOncology's solutions enables integration with the workflows of the UAB lab. This integration streamlines the variant review and analysis process, improving the turnaround time from NGS sample to report," said Craig Mackinnon, MD, PhD, Director of Genomics Diagnostics and Bioinformatics at UAB.

"GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench is designed as a process enhancement tool that enables users to go from order entry to variant analysis and reporting quickly and easily, giving labs the ability to scale their test volume due to the efficiency and ease of variant review and analysis," said Gina Drobnick, Chief Operating Officer, GenomOncology.

GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench is a customizable, end-to-end solution that enables simplified variant analysis and review. The tool annotates detected variants, highlights matched potential clinical trials and therapies, and results in a customizable output report that can be directly integrated back into client systems. The Pathology Workbench incorporates multiple annotation sets, coupled with curated content to support all panel sizes, including large, multigene panels like the TSO 500.

GenomOncology's GenomAnalytics is a visualization and analytics tool that streamlines the analysis of molecular, clinical, demographic, or recommendation data in one, comprehensive view. This solution enables further research, audit, and analysis of patient data, including the review of patient cohorts that can be identified for enhancing clinical trial enrollment or matching to a new, approved therapy.

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