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Learn about how GenomOncology is developing the most cutting-edge software-based solutions for precision oncology that measurably impact patient outcomes through better clinical trial matching, comprehensive genomic analyses, automated case reporting, and so much more!

Our Platform

Our augmented intelligence platform houses our complex rules, annotations, ontologies, and more to create a cross-functional platform that allows users to search and extend our knowledge sets.

Clinical Oncology

Our comprehensive set of software tools, including our Molecular Tumor Board solution, enable knowledge-driven clinical decision support at the point of care for advanced patient treatment.

Molecular Pathology

Our solutions for molecular pathologists create flexible workflows that enable comprehensive analysis and reporting of genomic tests, including whole genome sequencing and tumor normal pair analyses.

Cancer Informatics

Our Cancer Informatics tools are flexible, comprehensive solutions that can streamline your informatics pipeline, and enhance your overall data review and analysis processes. 

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