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Learn How The GO Pathology Workbench Is Optimized for Large Panels and Higher Sample Throughput

GenomOncology released a new version of their (GO) Pathology Workbench solution, which is optimized for larger panels (such as Illumina's TSO500), higher sample throughput, and the interpretation of copy numbers and structural variants by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

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Therapy & Clinical Trial Matching

Obtain best-in-class therapy and clinical trial recommendations based on approval, guideline, evidence, and eligibility criteria. 

Customized Reports

Create fully customized reports, with the ability to change layout, format, and content, based on the overall needs of the lab. 

Variant Interpretation

Access a single integrated database of more than 15 variant annotations, from ClinVar to COSMIC to functional prediction algorithms to streamline your variant analysis workflow.

Customizable Views

Analyze SNV, copy number, fusions, structural variants, MSI, and TMB results. 

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