The GO Precision Medicine Portfolio™ is a suite of products and services that addresses the full range of requirements for precision medicine in molecular pathology and medical genetics. The Portfolio supports test validation and production, clinical decision support, and analytics for both monitoring and discovery. The organizing philosophy is Streamlining, Simplifying, and Unifying.

Realizing the full potential of precision medicine requires strong connections and data flow among molecular pathologists, medical geneticists, clinicians, researchers, and institutions. The GO Precision Medicine Portfolio™ addresses this need and the specific challenges faced at each phase, from discovery and validation, to clinical implementation and process monitoring, enabling a virtuous cycle.

Today’s products include the GO Validation Toolkit™, the GO Clinical Workbench™, GenomAnalytics™, and Scientific Services to help clients achieve their goals. All of our tools have been developed with regulatory compliance in mind and are supported by data from My Cancer Genome, NCCN, the FDA and other sources.


Before a clinical lab can offer precision medicine tests to its clients, the test needs a proven level of quality. The GO Validation Toolkit™ will help you design the experiments to minimize your effort and maximize the statistical strength of your results. It will even prepare the necessary tables and figures to include in your validation reports. Critical values for assay performance can be transferred directly into the clinical production environment.

Clinical Testing

From LIS, to QC, to analysis and reporting, the GO Clinical Workbench™ can handle your needs. Full audit trails are one small part of the regulatory compliance built into this platform. Customized, validated tests can be performed quickly and easily.

Decision Support

The Precision Medicine Portfolio is built upon a foundation of expert knowledge such as the data in My Cancer Genome and from professional guidelines like those produced by NCCN. Decision support technology in the GO Precision Medicine Portfolio enables the direct application of that expertise to your clinical operation. Reports are generated confidently with full traceability and oversight.


GenomAnalytics™ is the GO Precision Medicine Portfolio’s dual purpose analytic platform. The tool can be used to monitor your lab’s or institution’s use of precision medicine. It can also be used to foster new discovery of factors that drive clinical outcomes.