GenomAnalytics is the GO Precision Medicine Portfolio’s “Big Data” analysis platform. The tool can be used to monitor your lab’s or institution’s use of precision medicine. It can also be used to foster new discovery of factors that drive clinical outcomes.

This platform, powered by patent-pending technology, enables comparison of features from thousands of genomes, simultaneously, with results returned in near real-time. The platform enables users, including those with no background in bioinformatics, to easily mine data for new discoveries, combining genomic and clinical data in the same analysis.

Employing the technology used throughout the GO Precision Medicine Portfolio, GenomAnalytics doesn’t simply query a database of terms, it applies clinical and biological logic to the analyses. For example, rules that drive actionable reporting in the GO Clinical Workbench can be applied to large sets of cases, allowing questions to be asked retrospectively about the quantitative impact of rule changes or the ability to recruit for clinical trials based on different criteria.

For a greater sense of the range of possibilities, consider these use cases:

Use Case 1: Lab Review

A lab director would like to review testing yield over time, broken down by test and patient profile. Reports can be prepared and run periodically to document these patterns.

Use Case 2: Testing Rule Changes

A healthcare institution is wondering whether it should change the way tumor profiling drives therapeutic decisions. Applying different versions of reporting rules, they can quickly see the impact it would have on changing treatment recommendations in their patients.

Use Case 3: Patients Like Mine

A clinician or tumor board would like to choose among treatment options that are equally compatible with standard practice. GenomAnalytics can be used to query lab and hospital records to identify similar patients to the one under care, enabling expanded data-driven medicine.

Use Case 4: Clinical Trial Recruitment

A clinical trial manager can use GenomOncology’s clinical trial matching logic to determine likely recruitment rates, based on various clinical and genomic criteria for inclusion and exclusion.

Use Case 5: Discovery

A researcher can mine the accumulated data on hundreds or thousands of patients to make new discoveries and test hypotheses about the genomic and clinical factors that drive patient outcomes.

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