The GO Clinical Workbench provides a single step-by-step workflow to analyze data and create a clinical report.

The GO Clinical Workbench is

  • installed behind the institution’s firewall
  • designed to integrate with current and future information systems (LIS, EMR, etc.)
  • highly configurable (analysis pipeline, report templates and workflow)
  • developed in a high assurance manner to enable the laboratory to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • suitable for cancer (solid tumor and heme)
  • support multiple test modes (NGS, CNV, Gene Fusions, Cytogenetics, IHC, etc.)
  • scalable from targeted panels to whole exome/genome analysis

An overview of the process is described below:

Quality Control

Platform recommendation of pass/fail based on run and sample level QC metrics as defined by your assay validation, with trending and audit trails

  • Module mapped directly to sequencer to streamline data input
  • Each run and each of its samples measured against thresholds set based on your assay validation
  • Track trends of each QC measure to help comply with CAP guidelines
  • Easily export data for audit trail
  • Full traceability (each decision is name/date/time stamped) – eliminates tracking by hand

Variant Review

All information required to review variants and provide clinical interpretation presented in one view

  • All information provided in one window to review each variant (read counts, quality info, BAM cartoon, pile-ups, platform recommendation, etc.)
  • Easily review a variant in the BAM pile-up (sorted and color-coded)
  • Trust but Verify – the software verifies that the variant caller didn’t miss anything (as well as detecting regions of local low coverage) by introspecting the BAM file
  • Integrated clinical decision support powered by FDA, NCCN, ASCO and My Cancer Genome data
  • Review relevant clinical trials


Template driven based on rules derived from FDA, NCCN, ASCO and My Cancer Genome

  • Report leverages extensible rules engine powered by FDA, NCCN, ASCO and My Cancer Genome
  • Branded, customizable reports for each institution
  • Create specific reports to meet the needs of your clients (Oncologist vs Molecular Tumor Board)
  • Report can be integrated into EMR / LIS

Sign out

Quickly review and validate the genomic analyst’s draft report, add comments, and medically sign off on final report

  • Less time spent reviewing variants/literature
  • Pathologist-friendly workflow with full audit trail
  • Manage amendments and addenda
  • Supports multiple sign offs for various test modes

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