Extending beyond the built-in breadth of the GO Precision Medicine Portfolio, GenomOncology’s experts can help your institution fulfill its precision medicine goals:

Test Validation
Developing and validating NGS tests can be complex. We can help you plan your validation, evaluate the results, and prepare the documentation needed for your files and for CAP and CLIA.

GenomOncology will work to understand your needs so the GO Clinical Workbench will accommodate your lab’s preferred workflow and approach to each test you offer. Other areas of customization can include (1) report templates specific to each test and even specific to different physicians, (2) interpretation rules, (3) summary reporting for multiple complementary assays: NGS, FISH, karyotyping, IHC, and arrays.

To streamline and simplify your efforts, GenomOncology can integrate with your LIS and EMR. We can also load your pre-existing data into the system for continuity and data mining.

If you have discovery needs, we can assist with that too. GenomOncology has in-house expertise in bioinformatics, statistical genetics, study design, and the genetics of cancer and constitutional disease.