Updating Content in the GO Precision Oncology Platform

The field of precision medicine is rapidly evolving. Treatment options that are available for cancer patients are changing every day due to the release of new therapy approvals, or as new clinical trial options become available. As the information shifts so rapidly, oncologists often find themselves having outdated information at the time of interaction with a patient, which leads to missed opportunities for patient care. Often, the latest therapy approval information is not available with the accompanying NGS report, or the clinical trial options contain out of date eligibility information, statuses, or lack institution specific knowledge.

In order to provide the most up-to-date information to clinicians, GenomOncology has developed underlying technologies, curation processes, and data-delivery systems to ensure that clients utilizing our applications have access to the most relevant therapy and clinical trial information needed to inform precision medicine decisions. Clinical trial information is updated on a nightly basis by ingesting all of the XML files from and then is loaded into GO tooling. The GO curation interface uses a combination of Natural Language Processing and keyword highlighting to scan each trial document and allow for the identification of the following:

  1. Any new trials that do not already existing in the database

  2. Any updates to the document for trials that are already curated in the database

  3. Any trial that does not require further curation

Trial documents requiring further investigation are then sent into a queue for our in-house curation team to begin the process of determining what further analysis and actions are required. As the team completes their curation process, there is a robust standard operating procedure in place to ensure that each trial undergoes a two-step review process before being considered available for matching within the clinical trials data core. This process ensures that, on a weekly basis, any newly submitted clinical trials or any updates to existing clinical trials (such as arm closures or changing in eligibility criteria or statuses) are captured and made available within GO applications for patient matching.

In addition to curating and updating the statuses of trials from, the GO Precision Oncology Platform (POP) also has the ability to ingest data feeds from institutions Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), such as OnCore or Velos. From this information feed, clinical trials that are available in-house are able to be highlighted and prioritized for matching with GO applications. Institution trials are not just highlighted, but additional information can be captured from the data feed. This is then used to either drive matching or provide additional information such as:

  • Internal Protocol Numbers

  • Secondary Protocol Numbers

  • Internal Accrual Status

  • Detailed Study Site Information

By capturing this information, in-house trial information can be viewed and matched to based on institution specific information and preferences. This data feed can be updated on a nightly basis, ensuring that all institution-specific information will be accurately represented in GO POP during daily use of the application.

A similar process takes place with therapeutic information. There has been a marked increase in the number of biomarker driven therapeutic approvals from the FDA, as well as an increase in the number of therapeutics receiving FDA special statuses (fast track, priority review, breakthrough). As these updates become available from the FDA, they are curated appropriately in the GO database and are made available within GO applications for patient matching. Additionally, as NCCN or other professional guidelines are released, updated information is curated in the GO POP.

In 2020, these update cycles resulted in a consistent stream of updated content being made available to clients using one or more GO products.


As of today, there are:

  • 503 Level 1 Therapies available in GO POP

Updates made in 2020:

  • 45 FDA Solid Tumor Drug Approvals

  • 19 FDA HEME Drug Approvals

  • 83 FDA Solid Tumor Special Status Designations

  • 21 FDA HEME Special Status Designations


  • There are currently 9,070 Curated Clinical Trials available in GO POP

  • In 2020 the curation team averaged ~ 35 clinical trials curated per week

The seamless delivery of this content on a regular basis to GO applications allows our clients to have the most accurate and up-to-date information in the field of precision medicine readily available in order to provide the best patient care.

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