GenomOncology Announces Working with Personalis to Improve Clinical Cancer Reporting

GenomOncology today announced that Personalis is now using the GO Pathology Workbench system as part of their clinical cancer reporting process.

March 14, 2018

CLEVELAND, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GenomOncology today announced that Personalis is now using the GO Pathology Workbench system as part of their clinical cancer reporting process, enabling return of clinical cancer reports to ordering physicians more rapidly and in an intuitive format that aids their decision making. 

"Clinicians need concise, relevant information returned quickly so that they can treat their patients with the best options available. With GO's Pathology Workbench integrated with the Personalis ACE Platform, turnaround time for clinical reports can be reduced by several days, returning potentially actionable results to physicians faster. Physicians can quickly review their options from our improved summary section, while also having access to detailed genomic, therapy, and clinical trial matching results in later sections of the report," said Erin Ayash, a Genomic Counselor at

The GO Clinical Workbench utilizes the GO Knowledge Management System (GO KMS) that leverages the work of Vanderbilt University's My Cancer Genome team, led by Dr. Mia Levy. The GO KMS can match a patient's biomarkers to therapies, prognoses and Clinical Trials. This capability means that the new
Personalis report highlights only the relevant therapies and clinical trials for their partner institutions. 

"Today's Molecular Pathology lab is challenged by an overwhelming amount of information that is dispersed among non-connected databases and tools. This makes the interpretation of molecular data onerous for pathologists and oncologists. Our goal is to enable precision oncology by connecting disparate tools and databases, allowing data to flow end to end to aid case workflow. The Pathology Workbench provides reporting that is comprehensive and actionable, thus supporting decision making by oncologists" added Manuel J. Glynias, Founder and CEO of GenomOncology. 



GenomOncology's GO Pathology Workbench for analysis and reporting is the flagship product within the GO portfolio, which includes a full suite of tools designed to enable real-time decision support at the point-of-care to accelerate precision oncology and bring about dramatic improvements in patient outcomes. The software is installed behind an institution's firewall and is configured to each laboratory's specific needs.


The GO Pathology Workbench provides a customized workflow for labs to analyze sequencing data efficiently and manage relevant molecular testing results from NGS and other test modes, including FISH, karyotyping, RT-PCR, IHC, and Array. Specifically, Personalis uses the software to perform quality control analysis, evaluate genetic alterations, and manage any required confirmations, amendments or addendums as required.


Integral to the GO Pathology Workbench is GenomOncology's Knowledge Management System (KMS), which not only provides direct access to gene and variant-level information derived from My Cancer Genome®, but also allows Personalis to curate additional knowledge as it's encountered in the laboratory setting.



GenomOncology enables the application of genomics in oncology to improve patient care. We have applied our expertise in genomics, technology and data integration to create solutions for cancer care providers. Our solutions are end-to-end: from the data coming out of the sequencer to the bedside where oncologists make treatment decisions. Our technology streamlines workflow and creates actionable reports for pathologists. Downstream, we integrate molecular and clinical information, providing oncologists with powerful decision-support tools that enable treatment selection, patient identification for clinical trials, and a "patients-like-mine" feature for use in difficult cases – all delivered through a real-time platform. Our solutions also enable "Big Data" analysis of aggregate data to drive research and new insights.