The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Implements Genomoncology’s Clinical Trial Matching Solution To Support Biomarker-Driven Clinical Trial Searches

May 20, 2020

Manhattan Beach, Calif., Cleveland, Ohio, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Patient advocacy organization, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) and healthcare software company GenomOncology, LLC announce PanCAN’s implementation of GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching solution that will streamline the organization’s biomarker-driven clinical trial matching process as part of their Patient Services program.


PanCAN strongly recommends pancreatic cancer patients consider clinical trials at diagnosis as well as during every treatment decision, and according to research from the organization, patients who receive treatment based on their tumor’s biological characteristics have better outcomes. With an increase of patients utilizing precision medicine, including molecular profiling and genetic (germline) testing, PanCAN needed access to biomarker curation, including eligibility criteria and up-to-date information, to better service and match patients to relevant biomarker-driven trials.


PanCAN partnered with GenomOncology to automate and scale their current biomarker-driven clinical trial matching process. GenomOncology created a custom user-interface that sources data using their Clinical Trial Matching API to enable PanCAN to easily match patients to biomarker-driven clinical trials curated through GenomOncology’s in-house curation team and partnerships with leading content providers. By evaluating relevant biomarker-based trials that result from variant combinations or clinically significant alterations, PanCAN can provide relevant, personalized information to assist patients in making treatment decisions that are right for them.


“Our experience with our Know Your Tumor® molecular profiling services indicate that patients with molecular alterations who receive matched, targeted therapy, have improved overall survival,” said Lynn Matrisian, PanCAN’s Chief Science Officer. “It became very important to expand our clinical trial matching capabilities to inform patients of biomarker-driven clinical trials specifically relevant to them.  GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching solutions helps us do just that.”


“GenomOncology’s matching algorithm ensures that the most relevant clinical trials are matched to a patient based on their underlying disease, molecular, and clinical information. This automated process reduces the manual effort needed to identify relevant clinical trials for patient treatments, enabling the PanCAN team the opportunity to match more patients to relevant clinical trials on a daily basis,” – said James Cole, PhD, Director, Product Management, GenomOncology.


By utilizing GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching solution, PanCAN will also cut down the manual effort and time associated with matching patients to relevant clinical trials. In the initial trial implementation period, PanCAN reports that GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching solution has reduced the time it takes to run a biomarker-driven clinical trial search for a patient by up to 50 percent. This allows the PanCAN team more time to provide personalized services to patients as they navigate their treatment plans.


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