GenomOncology adds Jonathan Seaton, former SVP Corporate & Business Development at Illumina, to its Board

Jonathon Seaton most recently the Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development / Government Affairs at Illumina, has extensive industry experience. He previously held leadership roles at F. Hoffman-La Roche, Roche Tissue Diagnostics, LS9, and several consulting firms and investment banks.

September 25, 2018

CLEVELAND, Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GenomOncology LLC, a leading provider of end-to-end precision medicine solutions in oncology, has added Jonathan Seaton most recently Senior Vice President for Corporate & Business Development at Illumina to its Board of Directors. 

In addition to Illumina, Jonathan's deep healthcare experience includes senior leadership roles at Becton, Dickinson and Roche Diagnostics. "Rapid advancements and accessibility of Next Generation Sequencing is fundamentally changing the way we understand, diagnose and treat cancer patients. It is an exciting time but the field more than ever needs the right tools to take advantage of these technologies and the massive amounts of data being generated for the patient. I am excited to contribute as a Director to GenomOncology. Through their novel platform, GenomOncology is enabling new insight generation, research and bringing precision medicine to patients by helping oncologists make better treatment decisions and find clinical trials." Said Seaton 

Brad Wertz, GenomOncology Executive Chairman said, "We are very pleased to have Jonathan Seaton join the GenomOncology board and provide critical guidance for the road ahead. It is an exciting time for the company, with demand for our products accelerating enormously. Jonathan's deep business development experience in the clinical, genomics and life sciences space will help GenomOncology in in bringing our solutions to market for maximum impact to key stakeholders, most especially for cancer patients." 

In addition, the company is closing a round of capital with their dedicated group of Cleveland and Nashville based investors to support the increasing demand of their products.  


GenomOncology enables the application of genomics in oncology to improve patient care. We have applied our expertise in genomics, technology and data integration to create solutions for cancer care providers. Our solutions are end-to-end: from the data coming out of the sequencer to the bedside where oncologists make treatment decisions. Our technology streamlines workflow and creates actionable reports for pathologists. Downstream, we integrate molecular and clinical information, providing oncologists with powerful decision-support tools that enable treatment selection, patient identification for clinical trials, and a "patients-like-mine" feature for use in difficult cases – all delivered through a real-time platform. Our solutions also enable "Big Data" analysis of aggregate data to drive research and new insights.