igniteIQ simplifies the extraction of clinically-relevant information from PDF documents and images to access discrete data for registries, analytics, and research. With igniteIQ, users are able to automatically extract text from unstructured and semi-structured clinically-relevant documents. Once extracted, the data is reviewed and curated by experienced genomic experts, improving quality control and reducing manual errors. The combination of automation and quality assurance enables accurate validation and data analysis, resulting in access to relevant, usable information.

Reduce the overhead associated with data extraction and transformation.

Kindle your data insights with igniteIQ

igniteIQ is designed to efficiently extract clinically-relevant data from unstructured source documents to inform your research, improve your analytics, and ultimately enhance your precision oncology program. igniteIQ gives you the ability to dive deeper into your historical and current data sets to better inform clinical decision support.



Unstructured Data Conversion

Automatically convert text from unstructured and semi-structured clinically-relevant documents.

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Quality Control User Interface

Guarantee accurate data conversion using a quality control tool that reduces the overall extraction errors.

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Quality Assurance Curation

Transformed data is translated into actionable, curated information via experienced genomic curators, ensuring the key information is identified. 

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Structured Data Output

Integrate converted, curated data directly into your existing systems, or a licensed GenomOncology front-end solution, for enhanced data analysis. 


Metrics Dashboard

Access a robust dashboard of performance metrics, including turnaround time and extraction accuracy.

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System Security

The fully secure platform is compliant with all HIPAA protections, and can integrate with an existing security infrastructure.



Extract data in bulk from PDF documents and

 images in order to recover old and new patient data for data evaluation and investigation. 


All extracted data is curated by genomics experts in order to provide accurate, relevant information that can be utilized for deeper analysis of your precision oncology program and patients.


Reduce the overhead time and cost associated with data extraction and transformation, giving your team more time to focus on overall patient care.


What problem does this tool solve?

About 80% of medical data is stored in an unstructured format.

Data stored in PDF Documents such as NGS, Surgical Pathology, and Radiology reports contains critical input data for precision medicine-based, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools that identify therapies and clinical trials for cancer patients.

Extracting this information in a timely and cost-effective manner is critical to successful precision medicine programs.

What exactly does the tool do?

igniteIQ is a software platform for extracting clinically-relevant information from unstructured and semi-structured documents. This software platform is available as a subscription program that includes both a service offering and licensed software product. Our service offering provides near real-time and bulk data extraction reviewed by our Subject Matter Expert team. The license allows clients to integrate our software into their back-office systems and workflows. 

Is this an NLP tool?

This is an “Information Extraction Platform” that blends humans, rules and deep learning models to effectively and efficiently extract structured, clinically-relevant, biomedical data at scale. It leverages technology to augment human curation for improved efficiency and quality.  It leverages human expertise to improve the automated extraction of data with rules. 

How does pricing and licensing

Pricing and licensing are factors of the use case being addressed, the turnaround time, the required level of accuracy, and the number of documents being processed.