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Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) Launches New Precision Medicine Program with GenomOncology’s Pathology Workbench

April 6, 2021

CLEVELAND, April 6, 2021 -- GenomOncology, LLC announced today that Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) has selected the GenomOncology (GO) Pathology Workbench to streamline variant analysis for their next generation sequencing (NGS) in support of the Queen’s Medical Center’s precision medicine program.

DLS, an affiliate of the Queen's Health Systems, is the largest, locally-owned clinical laboratory in Hawaii. Historically, DLS has excelled in the molecular diagnostic approach for infectious diseases. In order to advance the level of cancer care available locally in Hawaii, DLS established an enterprise-level multidisciplinary project to create a testing service to support Queen’s innovative, precision medicine program. This program is designed to provide cancer patients access to more targeted and relevant cancer treatment options, with the goal of ultimately improving patient prognosis.


In order to streamline assay validation, variant analysis, and overall support for the TruSight Oncology 500 assay performed on the illumina NextSeq 550, DLS engaged GO, including the implementation of the GO Pathology Workbench. Due to the streamlined workflow for variant analysis and extensive support for panels, GO’s Pathology Workbench enables the DLS team to review at least sixty samples each month. The GO Pathology Workbench provides a clinical workflow customized for the DLS team, which allows the DLS team to make informed variant interpretations and treatment recommendations, as well as provides clinical trial availability.  


“DLS needed a robust analysis and reporting platform to meet the needs of our oncologists and patients,” remarked Dr. Christopher Lum, Medical Director for Molecular Diagnostics, “and GO worked closely with us to provide that platform.”


“Building a new precision oncology program from the ground up is a challenging undertaking. However, GenomOncology’s Pathology Workbench reduces lab overhead by creating a seamless flow of data between the GO Pathology Workbench and other institution systems, streamlining the sample variant review and analysis process. This workflow primarily reduces the time and effort from order entry to recommendation,”- said Matt Stachowiak, PhD, Director, Product Management.


GenomOncology’s Pathology Workbench is a flexible software solution that streamlines variant analysis and review. GO’s Pathology Workbench annotates detected variants, highlights matched potential clinical trials and approved therapies, and results in a fully-customizable output report that can be directly integrated back into institutional systems. The toolset includes numerous annotation sets, as well as curated content, to support all panel sizes.


About Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS)


DLS provides exceptional diagnostic laboratory services to hospitals and outpatients throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the U.S. territories of Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. DLS is the only clinical laboratory in the Pacific to provide advanced molecular testing such as Sanger and next generation sequencing for infectious diseases and solid tumor analysis.


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