Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. selects GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench for new Precision Medicine program

April 8, 2020

CLEVELAND, April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GenomOncology, LLC announced today that Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) has selected the GenomOncology Pathology Workbench to provide analysis services for the assay for their new Precision Medicine program.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. (DLS) is the clinical laboratory for the Queens Health System. The Queen’s Cancer Center is a comprehensive care program that was established in Hawaii more than 40 years ago, is a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, and recognized with a grant from the National Cancer Institute. The Queens cancer program is establishing a new institution-based Precision Medicine program to further advance the level of cancer care in Hawaii. DLS will work with multiple vendors to build this lab from the ground up to ensure the successful implementation of their precision medicine program. As part of this new launch, DLS has chosen to roll out GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench with their Precision Medicine program to handle the validation and support for the TSO500. This program is scheduled to launch Spring 2021. 

GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench leverages the GO Precision Oncology Platform (POP), an augmented intelligence stack that houses an extensive set of complex rules, annotations, and ontologies, to facilitate the transformation and interpretation of various data sets. GenomOncology's Pathology Workbench will enable the Diagnostic Laboratory Services team to consume this available data within POP to make informed variant interpretations and treatment recommendations through a highly automated and flexible review workflow for the assay.

"As Molecular Pathology labs continue to scale, management of these assays can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if a lab is using multiple tools and databases. Our solution is designed to reduce this lab overhead through direct integration with current infrastructure, creating an automated, seamless flow of data. The GenomOncology Pathology Workbench also provides a single, integrated database of more than 15 variant annotations to support review and analysis, with fully customizable reports available for case output." - Brad Wertz, CEO of GenomOncology.



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