Bradley Wertz

Mr. Wertz is the Chairman of the Board. Formerly the President and COO of Rosetta, Brad led combined company growth from slightly less than $115M to $225M. Before Rosetta, Brad served as COO for Brulant, growing the company from $17M to $75M in three years, culminating in the sale of Brulant to Rosetta.

Lee Zapis

Mr. Zapis is the President of Zapis Capital Group, a closely held corporation that makes equity investments in people with passion and expertise to lead their business to success. Lee provides strategic counsel for the companies that Zapis Capital invests in, working closely with them to develop sound growth strategies. He is literally a hands-on investor, having manned a booth at a trade show to get a better feel for a particular company’s business approach. Lee currently sits on the boards of GenomOncology, and Listener Driven Radio––companies that he personally, or his firm is also invested in. Zapis Capital also has investments in Cleveland HeartLab and COMS Interactive, among others.

Manuel J Glynias

Mr. Glynias is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in bioinformatics. Prior to GenomOncology, Manuel was a partner at Rosetta, a leading interactive marketing agency, where he helped develop big data solutions for e-commerce clients. In the late 90s, Manuel was the founder and CEO of NetGenics, a venture-backed provider of discovery informatics to the biopharmaceutical industry and academic research centers. He also developed a number of other commercial software platforms including MacGene, Gene Works, and Primer Express. Manuel has an AB in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Harvard College.

John Doulis MD

Dr. Doulis is former Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Operations Officer of the Informatics Center at Vanderbilt University. In this role, he was the single point of focus for the Informatics Center’s efforts to provide the most effective informatics and information technology infrastructure to meet the needs of the diverse operating units that make up VUMC. As Chief Information Officer of MedCare Investment Funds, Dr. Doulis is responsible for the development of the information technology investment strategy for the fund and increase the value of the portfolio companies utilizing 20 years of experience as a physician executive, scientist, and architect and manager of healthcare information systems. Dr. Doulis received his M.D. from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and has an extensive publication and presentation record.