• Access curated content, including all biomarker-based clinical trials and therapies 

  • Review accurate & up-to-date variant data, including an extensive annotation data set that includes the latest variant information

  • Integrate with a genomic model, and parse complex mutations, including protein expressions, chromosomal markers, and markers of genomic instability

  • Access a disease ontology, and obtain an up-to-date, expandable disease hierarchy, disease codes, and institutional codes

  • Evaluate clinical data, and track a patient’s medical history for patient treatment matching or for large scale analysis

  • Included decision support to match patients to appropriate clinical trials, therapies, and prognoses

  • The fully secure platform is compliant with all HIPAA protections, and can integrate with an existing security infrastructure

  • Access all curated eligibilities, including all biomarker-based clinical trials curated through our in-house curation team and partnerships with leading content institutions

  • Review relevant biomarker-based clinical trials that result from variant combinations or clinically significant alterations

  • Integrate with clinical trial matching systems to prioritize and match to institutional trials

  • Evaluate the curated eligibility criteria, matched variants and diseases, phases, and recruiting status of each “matched” trial 

  • View trial results within any specified radius based on a patient’s zip code or a specific institutional zip code

  • Filter through matched trial results by drug names, variants, diseases, and phase

  • View a list of clinical trials that a patient would be eligible for if additional genomic criteria are tested for

  • Investigate comprehensive coverage of drug approvals and biomarker-directed guidelines, including the detailed annotation of FDA label text, companion diagnostics, line of therapy, disease status, and NCCN categories of evidence and preference

  • Review the clinical trial results that underlie all approvals and guidelines, as well as published evidence related to investigational therapies, primarily from the Jackson Laboratory Clinical Knowledgebase (JAX-CKB)

  • Access all gene / alteration targets that identify relevant therapies that do not have existing evidence

  • Evaluate each therapy result includes a list of recruiting clinical trials in which the patient could access the therapy, sorted by distance to the patient, regardless of whether the trial has molecular eligibility requirements

  • Analyze a list of relevant therapy results for the patient that are sorted by level of evidence, including approval and guideline status, to streamline the therapy selection process

  • Includes ten open-sourced and licensed annotation data sets, with the option to scale with an institution’s proprietary and licensed data sets

  • Annotation data sets are fully-vetted by GenomOncology’s Quality Assurance processes prior to distribution

  • Optimized and scalable for high-throughput requirements, such as labs performing Whole Exome Sequencing and Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Access the latest information available in the annotation data set with scheduled quarterly updates

  • A Command Line Interface (gocli) can be dropped into an existing bioinformatics pipeline to add annotation and filtering capabilities

  • Access numerous data sets, including HGVS/RefSeq (GRCh37/38), COSMIC (v88), ExAC (release1), GNOMAD (2.1.1), HPO (20190219), REVEL (06-03-16), clinvar (20190408), dbNSFP (3.5), dbSNP (151), and mitomap (20190506)

  • Determine variant significance to identify the key variants for each case

  • Interpretation based on one or more fully customizable, flow chart-like templates

  • Templates can be based on any annotation (ClinVar, gnomAD, COSMIC, PolyPhen, etc) or assertion (therapies, clinical trials, prognostic associations, etc) in the database

  • The full path of the variant through the interpretation template is included in the response, so the reasoning behind each interpretation is clear

  • Optimized and scalable for high-throughput annotation, such as whole exome and whole genome sequencing


Simple integration capabilities enable the access to accurate and up-to-date information for institutions and labs to make impactful decisions. This toolset can be integrated with current systems and user interfaces, as well as custom built user interfaces. 


Access numerous data sets, including HGVS/RefSeq (GRCh37/38), COSMIC (v88), ExAC (release1), GNOMAD (2.1.1), HPO (20190219), REVEL (06-03-16), clinvar (20190408), dbNSFP (3.5), dbSNP (151), and mitomap (20190506), with the ability to scale with data proprietary to an institution. 


Data sets are fully-vetted by GenomOncology’s Quality Assurance processes prior to distribution, and are updated regularly, to ensure users have access to the latest, most relevant information for clinical decision support. 


A leading healthcare institution integrated our Comprehensive API Suite directly into their institution systems, in order to access an updated knowledge base with extensive precision medicine information.


Results: This enabled the analysis of complex somatic variants and germline variants, as well as the accurate matching of patients to relevant, open clinical trials and therapies.  


UPDATE designated provider utilizes our Clinical Trial Matching API, which is integrated with their institution systems.


Results: This enabled the relevant and accurate matching of their patients to institution-specific and geolocated clinical trials.

A nationally-recognized molecular lab integrates our Annotations API into their existing workflows to expedite cancer and germline testing and review.


Results: This lab increased the number of cases reviewed daily due to the accurate data available in the Annotations API. 


The Comprehensive API Suite includes all capabilities, including Clinical Trial Matching API, Therapy Matching API, Annotations API, and Variant Interpretations API. 

Download the API Sample Documentation here


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